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A project devised by young people. We have been looking at people's stories - and finding out about the impact of the Spitfire plane on the lives of ordinary people - in factories and homes, in hearts and minds...

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Hundreds of people visited our Spitfire over the Midlands exhibition at the Guildhall, Worcester, in July 2023.

They encountered young people in role as people from WW2. Pilots... nurses... civilians... German POWs... They all had their personal stories to tell. There was even an appearance by Clark Gable...

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VIP visitors included the Mayor of Worcester, Cllr Louis Stephen; Cllr Adrian Gregson; and the Honorable Robin Walker MP.

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Report from The Worcester News

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Photos of the event by Kate Green


Five groups of young people are participating in the Spitfire project. They are based in Tudor Grange Academy, Worcester; Tudor Grange Academy, Redditch;  Primary Academy Perdiswell; the Orchard Centre, Wolverhampton; and Holly Lodge School, Smethwick. 

You can find out about some of the work we did, and the stories we discovered, on the following pages.

Just click on the images to follow the links

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The story of Megan Rees, who helped to build Spitfires at Castle Bromwich

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