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Writing a Digital Story

Digital storytelling begins with constructing a story...

Stories are told in the first person, and should be structured around a theme.


In writing a story, you should explore elements such as characters, style and tone, and think about engaging all six senses to make the story come alive.


Key questions to ask in building the story are:


Where is the dramatic moment—the actual moment in time when something momentous occurs?


What does this story reveal about the topic?


Why is it necessary to tell this story?


Do you open by grabbing the reader’s interest in hearing this story? Do you end in a way that suits your objective?


Key elements of a good story




Story Structure


Turning Points (a significant moment of change within the narrative)

Some Story Prompts

The most difficult part is to start writing the story.


Here are some themes for prompts, which could form the basis of some powerful stories

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Take a post card. Choose a person that you think this story is for, and write them a postcard about the story. Start with, “Dear…”

“The Road Not Taken.” Write about a decisive moment in your life

Draw a map of the neighbourhood where you grew up


Tell the story of a mentor or hero in your life


Describe a time when you felt really scared


Describe an occasion when you did something for the first time




Find your own voice. Don't imitate. Be aware of how you like to use words and have the confidence to use your own idiom.


Picture what you are writing about in as much detail as possible - feelings, colours, textures, smells, etc. This will influence how you write.


You don't have lots of words - so dive in.


Less is more. Expect to re-write and re-write. Edit rigorously.


Avoid cliché and banal sentiments.


Treat your story with respect as if it was the best story in the world!

You will find more tips on writing a digital story, together with story prompts, in the PDF file, below - part of the Digital Storytelling Toolkit produced by melting pro for the Breaking Down Barriers project.

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