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Making a DST Video



A storyboard is a way to plan a visual story in two dimensions.  It is the step before video editing: in the film world, it is a high art, bringing to life the vision of a scene.


A storyboard will speed up your work in many ways. It can show you where your script should be cut before you record, and it may help you decide if you have too many or too few images.


To create a storyboard, you can use a blank template like this one:


Audio recording and editing


Practice makes perfect and you should read through your script several times before the recording session.


When making the recording, you should


- put the microphone very close to avoid external noise

- avoid external sounds by choosing the right location

- use a powerful voice recorder


Simple video editing for DST


You will need a computer with a video editor (I movie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker are generally installed). We suggest the use of Wevideo (, that is an easy multiplatform editor. You will need a good internet connection. 

To start using Wevideo, see this video for a tutorial.


And finally – share your stories! 


Save the file on a USB stick and show family and friends.

Put them on a website, like Vimeo or YouTube. 

Hold a screening event for a series of stories, and invite guests to marvel at your work!

You will find more tips on making a DST video in the PDF file - part of the Digital Storytelling Toolkit produced by melting pro for the Breaking Down Barriers project.

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