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Soho House and the Anne Boulton Story

Anne Boulton - wide of the famous manufacturer, Matthew Boulton - had a guilty secret.

Her best friend was Emilia. But she had fallen in love with Emilia's husband, Charles... 


A chest was recently discovered in Soho House. It contains letters and love tokens, and it reveals - for the first time - the story of their doomed affair.

Research by the Local History Team in George Dixon Academy.

GDA Soho House Images Group 10001.jpg

In these notes – evidently written in haste and rolled up, to be delivered in secret – Anne writes: “I will remain unhappy until you are near me and we are able to live our lives in happiness and harmony.”


Charles declares: “I hope to see our souls reunite as one.” He plans a secret assignation: “When the clock strikes 12 under the moonlight upon the delicate shadow of the roses I shall proclaim my deepest love for you.”

GDA Soho House Images Group 10002.jpg

These portraits of Anne capture her in different moods. In one, she appears thoughtful and sad; but in the other, her eyes show a lively and even playful mind at work.

Maybe the portraits were painted by Charles?


DISCLAIMER: The events and characters on this page have been made up. Everything else, of course, is true.

You can find out more about the real history of Soho House here:

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