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Birmingham 2022 Festival presents



Project Time Machine is based on historical fact.


It centres on the discovery of two skeletons, dating from the medieval period (something that really happened in the Digbeth area, some 20 years ago). There is a mystery about this discovery. How did they die? Why were they buried in unmarked graves? A number of objects have been found nearby. Do they offer us any clues to the mystery? Perhaps the answer lies in the fragments of an ancient fresco, that were unearthed at the bottom of an ancient well?

Our first Project Time Machine event took place in July 2022, with an exhibition at Birmingham Friends of the Earth. It was devised by groups of young people from four local secondary schools - Eden Girls Leadership Academy, george Dixon Academy, Calthorpe Academy, and Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School - with support from local historian, Professor Carl Chinn, and artists from Midland Actors Theatre. 

Here are some images from the event.

Photos by Kate Green

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