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Rome, Italy

Filmmaking by the children of Rome East

In our “Videotelling” project, we supported children from primary and secondary schools in the production of audiovisual materials, to tell stories about the Tor Pignattara and Centocelle neighbourhoods.

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The project aimed to promote literacy in audiovisual and cinematographic languages, and establish a common space, of dialogue and sharing between 4 classes of the School “Simonetta Salacone.” 

The suburbs of Tor Pignattara and Centocelle are multicultural neighbourhoods that have a rich historical heritage, but are blighted by shortages of services, and lack of cultural opportunities.

Ages: 6-13 years old

Methods used: storytelling, film-making

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We asked the children to tell personal stories related to the neighbourhood, and become “storytelling guides” for relatives and local citizens.


We took them around the area, and made them stop in interesting places, to tell their stories. Then, once in the classroom, we worked together on producing final versions of the place-related stories.

Here is a pdf of the Toolkit we produced; and also a film about the project. (Both are in Italian.)

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