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Steps into storytelling

Szczecińska Szkoła Wyższa

Collegium Balticum

Szczeciń, Poland

Collegium Balticum prepared and organized workshops about digital story telling for 3 schools in Szczecin (III Liceum Ogólnokształcące, VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące oraz IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące).

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Practical activities included story cubes; brainstorming; and drama conventions (such as freeze frame)

Age group: 13-16

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Examples of activities

• Brainstorming about: what does the phrase “digital storytelling” mean? We discussed how to translate the phrase into Polish, and collected their ideas.

• Story cubes: in this activity we used ‘story cubes’ to show students how we can create a story using pictures/pictograms. Students chose 6 cubes and created a story based on a specific topic presented by the trainers. This activity showed that people can connect and adapt the meaning of all pictures/pictograms to a particular topic. 

• Live tableaux / ‘freeze frame’ (role play, drama). We split students into groups (4-5 in each group), and asked them to prepare tableaux (a still image or freeze frame) to show a scary accident in their lives. Each team presented their image(s),and the other teams could ask maximum 5 questions to the “pictures” which they were observing. The presenting team could give only brief / terse answers to the questions. After each presentation, the other  teams discussed the images and tried to tell the real story about what actually happened. What was really interesting was that each team told a different story! This experience showed students that stories are not black-and-white, and everybody can find the own meaning.

• Important subject (writing stories). We asked students to think about a very important subject to do with their own lives, and describe in few sentences why the subject is important for them.

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These activities helped to prepare students to write their own digital stories, and also for other activities, such as Oral History as a way of capturing people’s memories and stories.  

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Follow these links for more information about the digital storytelling workshops held by Collegium Balticum:

You can see Beata Mintus talking about the project, in the video below.

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