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"Dreaming Museums" Conference 2022

GDA 11.jpg

On 14 February 2022, we held a major conference at George Dixon Academy, where the Local History Teams from GDA, Calthorpe Academy and King's Norton Boys' School came together, to share their latest research.

Delegates were welcomed by Mr. Mann, the Headteacher at GDA; and the conference began with an introduction by Professor Carl Chinn, who commended the teams for their groundbreaking work.

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CC with audience GDA.jpg

Members of the GDA Team shared the results of their research in Soho House, which have uncovered the astonishing story of the secret life of Anne Boulton, and the mysterious tale of "Benjamin" Buckley, the "forgotten" member of the Lunar Society.

GDA 7.jpg
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Members of the Team from King's Norton Boys' School brought with them the box which has been found in Sarehole Mill, containing items which evidently once belonged to J.R.R. Tolkien - including a draft of a story about some rabbits called Bilbo, Merry and Pippin! Was this the starting point for "Middle-earth"?

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Here are more images from the event. Photos by Kate Green

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